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GM Passlock System
Tools and Supplies
1 - Disassembly
2 - Bypassing the Ignition Switch Security Circuit
3 - Reassembly & Recalibration

GM Passlock Bypass
Author- Richard M. Berger
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Following the instructions in this writeup will save you over $300.00 If this article helps you fix your GM Passlock Security Problem on your Pontiac Grand Am or Alero, put two dollars in an envelope and send it to:
Security Fix
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Reassembly and Recalibration

Hopefully, in the last section, you were able to test your work and make sure that it solved your problem. If you were working with an Alero with automatic shift, its possible you weren't able to get your gearshift into Park so that you could turn your key and do the necessary re-calibration of the Body Control Module. Don't worry, we will show you again how to do this, and get your "SECURITY" light to stay off. Let's continue.

Tuck the three wires of the Passlock II system back through the hole where you accessed them. You should not have to re-wrap them, as long as your shrink tubing and electrical tape covered any bare parts of the circuit. You could add some electrical tape to secure the resistor to the black wire, just to make sure that vibration does not eventually cause the resistor to break loose.
Re-connect the antenna wire to the radio and push it back into it's cavity. Make sure the wiring harness goes back in place without being pinched. You should be able to seat the radio over it's guide pins by pushing it into place. If you encounter too much resistance, pull it back out and check for wiring interference. Re-install the three screws that hold the radio in place.
Re-install the radio bezel. On an Alero with automatic shift, you will need to apply a little force and ingenuity to get the radio bezel and the shift bezel to line up properly, but it can be done. The bezels snap into place. Don't forget to replace the little rubber pad in the bottom of the sunglass compartment, and the rubber insert for the cup holder. Put the shift lever in "PARK" and remove the key from the ignition.
Remove any corrosion from the battery terminal and the battery contact. Ideally, the two contact points should be shiny clean.
If you haven't done so already, remove the key from the ignition. Then re-connect the battery cable to the battery.

Recalibrating the Body Control Module

Insert the Key into the ignition switch and try to start the car. It should start, and then stall, with the "SECURITY" light flashing. (In rare cases, the car may keep running and the security light will not illuminate, but that only happens if you are very lucky.) If the Security light flashes, leave the ignition in the ON position and wait up to 15 minutes. The Body Control Moudle should reprogram itself, and the "SECURITY" light should go out. When it does, Turn the ignition OFF for a few seconds, and then try to re-start the car. The "SECURITY" light should remain off this time, and the car should keep running. If not the modification has failed and you are in for some additional troubleshooting, for which you will need a shop manual. If successful, gather up your tools, pat yourself on the back, and send a check for what you think my advise was worth to:
Security Fix
1131 Outer Drive
Fenton, MI 48430

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