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The book, "Tennis For Seniors"
Blogs, Photos, Instructions, and other Stuff is dedicated to sharing information that could be useful to others. Each time I undertake a project, I try to document my work with notes and photographs. When a project leads to discovering an interesting technique, I like to share what I learned in case someone else can use that information.

There are no advertisements on this web site. It is completely supported by donations from individuals who find useful information here, and conclude that it is worth mailing me a couple of bucks to support the cause. From time to time, I also receive donations from people who agree with some of my political editorials. If you like what you read here, send me an email. If you don't like what you find here, don't bother to complain. I won't publish your complaints, but I welcome you to start your own website, and complain all you like, even about my website. If you have written any how-to articles that you think would be useful to someone else, send them to me, and I'll try to publish them here. Also, If you know someone who could use some of the information contained here, emil them a link.

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